Hand Finished Frames & Gilding

We have a reputation for producing the highest quality hand-finished, water-gilded frames for artists and art collectors. Gesso and bole-washed frames represent a high proportion of our output, and our client base is nationwide.

We use a variety of gold leaf finishes, including standard 24 carat gold, 22 carat moon gold, white gold, palladium gold and an interesting selection of coloured golds, together with a wide selection of imitation metal gold leaf.

Final bole colour washes are carefully layered in subtle tones onto a prepared gesso base, then gilded, distressed and burnished to achieve a beautiful bespoke finish.

The frames shown on this website are our most popular and are in our standard colours of cream grey neutral shades. Remember, these are hand-finished frames, therefore the appearance of each one is unique.

For those who want a cheaper frame, colour-staining, lime wax and natural wax finishes are highly effective.